Experience Incubator™

Our Experience Incubator™ offers two unique focuses:  Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship. Both are designed to harness the power of entrepreneurial thought and action to translate experience into the skills and mindset needed to optimize engagement and amplify careers or build a business. The workshops integrate young employees or entrepreneurs' enthusiasm and technology skills experience with the seasoned employees or entrepreneurs' skills, assets, resources, resilience and networks developed through life-long experience. We call this "Experieneurship!"

We customize the Experience Incubator™ for corporations, such as Ernst & Young, government organizations and universities, such as Oxford. Designed to catalyze the aggregated experience in participants of all ages, data demonstrates the Experience Incubator™ boosts workplace engagement and productivity and accelerates successful new business startups.

Our unique curriculum demystifies entrepreneurship, focuses on “unleashing potential” and creates positive action steps. Working collaboratively, attendees will have an opportunity to flex their vision, creativity, resourcefulness and influence to fuel out-of-the-box thinking.

Empowering Cross-generational Experience