Elizabeth Isele

Founder and CEO

Elizabeth Isele

Elizabeth is also Co-Founder and CEO, SeniorEntrepreneurshipWorks.org, Co-Founder, eProvStudio.com, Founder, SavvySeniorsWork.com, Senior Fellow in Social Innovation at Babson College, and MetLife Foundation's Journalists in Aging Fellow.

She launched her life as an award-winning, serial entrepreneur after a 30+ year distinguished career as an editor and author and as a philanthropic leader—first at the Great Bay Foundation in Maine and then at The Philanthropy Roundtable in Washington, DC. She has both created and funded high impact enterprises that have galvanized cross-sector community support to solve some of today's most challenging social, economic and environmental challenges and have positively transformed the lives of thousands of individuals of all ages.

Elizabeth Isele has, for the past four years, been crisscrossing the globe from Australia to Chile to Dublin to Istanbul convening forums among business, government, finance and education thought leaders igniting intergenerational experience to build better workplaces and new business start-ups to create an "Experienced Economy" that will boost local, national and global economies.

Elizabeth is the go-to expert on senior and intergenerational entrepreneurship for the White House, Congress, the European Union (EU), and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), as well as many other governments, universities and private sector corporations worldwide.  But perhaps even more important, she is part of the experienced economy. In 2012, at age 70, for her third “career,” she launched Senior Entrepreneurship Works. Since then, this business has created a global ecosystem to support senior and intergenerational entrepreneurship as a new economic engine.  She works with banks and financial services firms from the U.S., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, Asia, the Middle East and Africa to create greater access to capital for senior entrepreneurs. She works with universities worldwide to develop research that demonstrates the economic impact, and she also works with corporations.  For example, in 2015, she partnered with Jeff Skoll's Participant Media to produce a social action campaign to muster greater understanding of senior and intergenerational entrepreneurship through a 10-city global summit series. As a result of that successful campaign, she is now also working with Warner Bros. and their stereotype-breaking movie, The Intern, to create a social action campaign for intergenerational entrepreneurship and reverse mentoring within corporations.

In addition, she continually works with companies, such as EY (Ernst & Young) to embed her Experience Incubator™ entrepreneurship training workshops throughout their global network to help re-boot employees' engagement throughout their career arc, including pre-retirees interested in launching a business of their own after retirement. The EY initiative demonstrates how the Experience Incubator™ can be a win-win: the individual gets to test his or her entrepreneurial mettle while still employed and corporations get the benefit of employees' getting an engagement re-boot in these entrepreneurial thinking and acting workshops.

Elizabeth is considered an expert in the field and is continually quoted in the media and publications such as the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, PBS, NPR and is invited to speak on the topic of senior entrepreneurship at major government, private, philanthropic, academic, and nonprofit positive aging and economic convenings. 

Elizabeth helped Senator Mary Landrieu, Chair, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, design the first Senate Hearing on Senior Entrepreneurship in 2014. It was co-hosted by Senator Bill Nelson, Chair, Aging Committee. The entire hearing, was the most watched senate hearing ever.

Elizabeth is also a contributing writer on this topic for Forbes.com, PBS Next Avenue.org and on her blog at SavvySeniorsWork.com.

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