Deborah Gale

Affiliate Global Team: United Kingdom

Deborah Gale

Deborah is our American/British dual national Ageing Aficionado. She spent her formative years and completed her undergraduate degree in northwest Pennsylvania before moving to Silicon Valley, working full time, while completing her MBA.

This launched her career in international corporate treasury at Memorex Corporation and Apple Computer before she became a serial expat. During this period she honed her skills as a journalist, blogger and a radio broadcaster for BBC Berkshire and the World Service.

Deborah had five daughters in five years and moved back and forth across the Atlantic five times. Then, after successive attempts to return to full time productive employ were unproductive, she returned to academia to retrain and completed a second masters in Ageing and Public Policy at King's College, London. Using her own experience as a template, her dissertation was an Anglo-American comparative study of educated baby boomer mother managers who exited the work force during their childbearing years and their experiences in attempting to resume or commence new employment.

Now, as a gerontologist and research fellow for the BioCentre on Ethics, Deborah's interests lie in optimizing the experience and later life employability of the baby boomers (born 1946-1964) during the heady demographic transition currently underway. A reassessment and redefinition of how boomers will choose to age is the new narrative for the 21st C. This creates opportunities for senior entrepreneurship and enterprise and opens up pathways for advancing intergenerational connectivity through life long learning and reverse mentoring programs.

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