Advocacy and Public Policy

GIEE Successfully Advocates Locally and Globally for New Public Policy that recognizes 50+ year-olds as assets and not liabilities and supports a new Experienced Economy with cross-generational entrepreneurship in the workplace and business startups to boost economic self-reliance, vitality and growth for individuals, communities and - indeed - the world!

May 2017 • Dublin Idea Exchange

Elizabeth was delighted to deliver a keynote and participate virtually (US to Dublin) in Noel Davidson's Entrepreneurs Academy Workshop. It was an idea generation workshop for entrepreneurs of all ages exploring business ideas focused on improving the quality of life for seniors.  

The event was co-sponsored by ISAX (Ireland Smart Ageing Exchange.) ISAX is a new independent network – a ‘joined up approach’ to fast-tracking the R&D and commercialization of solutions for the global smart ageing economy – an economy projected by Merrill Lynch to be worth $15tn by 2020.

May 2017 • American Alliance of Museums Annual Meeting

Generational Inclusion: Shattering our Stereotypes, Challenging Our Assumptions

Elizabeth was proud to participate with Marsha Semmel and Samuel Moore in the American Alliance of Museum's annual conference as a provocateur/thought leader helping members imagine new ways of addressing issues and trends facing the profession, such as: What are ways of maximizing the positive potential of the current five-generational workplace? How do we confront our stereotypes—about any generation--and exploit innovation and entrepreneurship in a truly cross-generational way? Where and how can cross-generational museum partnerships lead to effective social change? How can we empower new and young museum talent and continue to leverage the experience of baby boomers? How do we unlock and exploit generational difference to better serve museums’ social impact missions? 

April 2017 • What's the Big Idea?

Elizabeth was delighted to deliver a keynote address at UNC's Partnerships in Aging What's the Big Idea? forum and facilitate a workshop on tapping into the experience of the +50 the following morning at an old restored barn in Chapel Hill. 

April 2017 • W20 Forum in Berlin

Elizabeth was honored to be a Delegate at the W20 (Women 20) Summit hosted by Angela Merkel in Berlin. W20 promotes women’s economic empowerment as an integral part of the G20 process and policy development.

March 2017 • Brookings Institution "Beyond Millennials" Report

Elizabeth was invited to contribute to Brookings' groundbreaking study, Beyond Millennials: Valuing Older Adults’ Participation in Innovation Districts, which demonstrates the reciprocal benefits that can accrue from older adults living, working, and supporting business growth in cities, and particularly the innovation districts within them. Taking Chattanooga, Philadelphia, and Seattle as test cases, it begins by describing why these environments can be good places for older adults to live. It then turns to the workplace, where older adults can both benefit from and contribute to the innovation-driven economies found in and around these districts. Lastly, the study looks at the roles older adults can play in their entrepreneurial ecosystems. The brief concludes with a set of recommendations for city and innovation district leaders who want to be intentional about cultivating intergenerational communities.

March 2017 • Age without Borders Virtual Summit

Elizabeth participated in the Age without Borders Virtual Summit!  This was a video-based, six day, global event with 55 of the world's most influential experts in the aging revolution describing how to stay mentally and physically healthy, join the encore entrepreneur boom, re-think paradigms about aging and get tech savvy. Representatives from the USA, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Tasmania, Russia, South Africa, Iceland and the tiny islands of Malta, Tasmania and Mauritius participated. In total, more than 2,000 people watched the sessions from over 25 countries. 

Age without Borders mission is: "To age without the Inner Borders that keep us from living fully, discouraging us from trying new things, and allowing society to dictate what we can and cannot do; and to connect freely - without Outer Borders - with a global community of like minded, curious and engaged peers launching a movement of social change, impact and innovation."

February 2017 • Sodexo's Global Workplace Trends Report

Elizabeth was invited to contribute to Sodexo's first global Workplace Trends Report. Her focus was the +50 and intergeneral trends in the workplace.

Sodexo reached out to thinkers and doers across industries and geographies who are leading change in the workplace. Contributors included thought leaders from the United Nations Foundation, the OECD, ESCP Business School, Harvard University, LinkedIn, Accenture, McKinsey & Co., and many others. We encourage you to review the full report.


November 2016 • i4J Summit at Google DC

Elizabeth participated in Vint Cerf and David Nordfors' summit on "The Business of Disrupting Unemployment and Creating Meaningful Work for Everyone," highlighting the role of the +50.

Globally, 5 billion people are of working age and want a good job. 1.3 billion have one, but only 13% are engaged. Almost nobody has a job that fits them. Humanity creates a $75 trillion world economy, running at a fraction of its capacity. If everybody had a job that fitted them, everyone would be much happier and humanity would be creating many times more value than today.

October 2016 • Village to Village Network National Conference

Elizabeth delivered a keynote address, Senior Entrepreneurship Is Not an Oxymoron: The 21st Century Is the Age of Experience! at the Village to Village Network National Conference in Columbus Ohio. Her presentation focused on how the world has changed for seniors and they, in turn, are changing the world. Today's 50+ year-olds who have been given the gift of an additional 20–30 years of longevity and good health are keen to add meaningful life to those years, to remain self-reliant, and to give back to their work, communities and their world. They may have never identified themselves as entrepreneurs, but in many ways they have been entrepreneuring all their lives: in their work; managing a home; raising a family; nurturing reciprocal relationships; and so much more.

October 2016 • The MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth

Elizabeth participated in The MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth Roundtable in Chicago. The Center embarked on a multi-city listening tour across the United States, to learn from business people, policymakers, nonprofits and community leaders how America can tackle economic inequality and create growth for all.

When it comes to achieving inclusive growth in the United States, interconnected challenges – and solutions – are key.



October 2016 • GFLEC Conference

Elizabeth moderated the presentations on the most current research on Boomer entrepreneurship and self-employment at the Baby Boomers & Entrepreneurship Conference hosted by GFLEC in partnership with the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation at George Washington University.

The Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (GFLEC) is the world’s leading center for financial literacy research and policy. Through rigorous scholarship and research, wide-reaching education, and global policy and services, the Center works with partners in Washington, DC, throughout the United States, and across the globe to raise the level of financial knowledge. 

October 2016 • TIAW World of Difference 100 Award

Elizabeth received the TIAW World of Difference 100 Award for those who have made a significant contribution to the economic empowerment of women.

TIAW noted, "This year, nominations were received from 54 different countries and provided a vivid look at the inspiring work that women - and men - around the world are doing to support the economic empowerment of women. The recipients cover a wide range of activities on six continents and we are proud to be able to recognize the vital work that they do, often with few resources and many obstacles."

September 2016 • Chatham House: The Royal Institute of International Affairs

Elizabeth was invited to be a Fellow in International Economics at Chatham House: The Royal Institute of International Affairs, and GIEE will be designing a research initiative to determine awareness and the impact of the "Silver Economy" worldwide.

September 2016 • Oxford Summit

GIEE partnered with The Global Coalition on Aging (GCOA) and The Harris Manchester School (HMC), University of Oxford to host a summit for 14 multinational corporate business leaders on transforming aging employees into strategic business value. The summit focused on ways to address the urgent need to re-engineer the lopsided workforce resulting from older, experienced employees leaving companies at record rates. 

August 2016 • PRATT - Catalyst Strategic Design Review

Elizabeth was invited to write this article for Catalyst - a magazine not just about the art of design but, even more, about the art of applying deisgn to all matter:

What Is the Age of Experience: How Do We Design It to Shape a 21st Century Economy?

The mission of CATALYST Review is to stimulate thinking and encourage conversation about the role of creative economies in ensuring an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future.

May 2016 • Guest Blog for MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth

Elizabeth contributed this blog post: "Igniting Intergenerational Entrepreneurship: How older women are changing the start-up landscape" to highlight the ways in which age should be an integral part of inclusion.

MasterCard says, "Inclusive growth matters because it is both the right and smart policy. Aiming for higher GDP growth does lower poverty, but sustained poverty reduction over the long term requires growth that is inclusive and broad-based.  ...Simply put, inclusive growth creates societies that are more equal and economies that are more productive, innovative, and resilient." See more at:


Elizabeth Isele Receives Fielding Award

Elizabeth Isele received the 2016 Fielding Creative Longevity and Wisdom Award for "Outstanding Service Towards the Ideals of Positive Aging" in Washington, DC.

Chatham House International Policy Forum

Elizabeth Isele was invited to participate in Chatham House's International Policy Forum, "Empowering Women for Economic Growth: the Smart Choice for the G20," at One Whitehall Place, London, 11-12 July 2016.

Chatham House established The International Policy Forum on Gender-Inclusive Growth to explore, and eventually promote, innovative policies which will advance gender-inclusive growth in G20 countries.  The IPF brought together senior policy-makers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, scholars and journalists to assess progress towards gender equality, monitor commitments and provide recommendations to the G20 countries.

Awareness of barriers and efforts to eliminate them has increased in recent years. Progress, however, is still very slow. The global gender gap across health, education, economic opportunity and politics has closed by 4% in the past 10 years, with the economic gap closing by just 3%, suggesting it will take another 118 years to close the gap completely (World Economic Forum, Global Gender Gap Report 2015).

Empowering women of all ages and promoting their participation in economic activity across all sectors is fundamental to achieving a sustainable growth - and it's unacceptable to have to wait an additional 118 years to achieve it!

Our "Wonder Woman," Jeanne Sullivan, at Inspirefest 2016

Our "Wonder Woman," Jeanne Sullivan, lights up the audience at Dublin's Inspirefest as she touts the benefits of an "Experienced Economy." Inspirefest is a truly unique international festival of technology, science, design and the arts, which also happens to place diversity and inclusion at its heart. Thrilled to see their first time inclusion of aging and intergenerational entrepreneurship. Truly fitting to note the original, "Wonder Woman," turned 75 this year! She was created and first appeared in DC Comics in 1941. Inspirefest took place on June 30th & July 1st in the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre in Dublin's Silicon Docks.

Experienced Entrepreneurship in Japan

After delivering a keynote at the first international conference of WWAS (Women Working in an Aging Society) in Fukuoka, Japan, where more than 36 countries were represented - including the United Kingdom, China, South Korea, Russia and The Netherlands, Elizabeth began a unique, entrepreneurship road trip sponsored by the US State Department.

Entrepreneurship Express Via Bullet Train

Elizabeth boarded a Bullet Train with her intrepid State Department host, Masayuki Miyauchi, and her interpreter extraordinaire, Asami Mori who not only captured the content but, even more importantly, the enthusiasm and spirit behind her words. Our audiences were highly engaged individuals eager to discover innovative ways to tap into the experience of Japanese elders, no surprise given that Japan has the largest and fastest growing aging population of any country in the world. We met with business, community economic development, and university leaders, as well as some phenomenal experienced entrepreneurs whom I have highlighted in the posts below.

Fukuoka, Japan Is an Entrepreneurship Zone

This luncheon meeting with: Mr. Tsutomu Satomura, Director General of Small Business, Kitakyushu Chamber of Commerce; Mr. Ken Nakahara, Japan Finance Corporation; Mr. Tsukasa Tsuji, Director of Small Business and Venture Support, Kitakyushu Foundation for the Advancement of Industry Science and Technology; Mr. Yoshifusa Anan, Concierge, Fukuoka City Startup Cafe; and Mr. Ikumi Hosokawa, Senior Researcher, Human Media Creation Center produced a lively discussion about economic opportunity in an Experienced Economy. Continued best practice sharing and research data and analysis was eagerly agreed to by all.

Inamori Hall at Kagoshima University

The University,  which has a thriving innovation center, Kyushu Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and the Kagoshima Prefectural Government hosted another standing-room only senior and intergenerational entrepreneurship presentation and interactive workshop.

Miyazaki Chamber of Commerce

The Miyazaki Chamber of Commerce hosted another dynamic workshop in their beautiful Ken-Den Hall.

Two Remarkable Entrepreneurs

Kaki Naoki and Kitano Michiyo - two 50+ entrepreneurs who attended the Miyazaki workshop - created the successful Minimal, a brilliant small wind turbine company.

Oita Prefectural Start-up Center

The Oita Prefectural Start-up Center is a gem! It's a thriving hub of innovation amongst entrepreneurs of all ages.

Oldest and Second Oldest Entrepreneurs

The Oita Startup Center is run by the irrepressible and consumate innovator, Masahiro Sakuragi (standing at the back of this group of entrepreneurs with his arms raised in a triumphant salute!) And he should be saluting because the two entrepreneurs standing to the left and right of Elizabeth Isele are the oldest and two of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Oita Startup Center. The 90+ year old gentleman saw a need for a local pharmacy in his neighborhood, and he launched one, and then another and then another. Today, he has sold those original pharmacies to a major conglomerate for a multimillion dollar deal. The 70+ year old woman saw a need for a more lightweight kimono to help sustain the cultural tradition for younger women. Today, she is designing and producing kimonos, as well as repurposing the heavier, older, classic kimonos into other products.

Kitakyushu's Fabbit Hall

One of the last stops on this amazing Experienced Entrepreneurship Road Tour was Kitakyushu's Fabbit Hall. Fabbit, as you can probably imagine from its name, it is aimed at startups that digitally fabricate physical products. It is a co-working space and largest business incubator in Japan.

Its core concept is to provide a place for entrepreneurs of all ages and nationalities to learn, meet, and create. In addition to its collaborative workspace, Fabbit provides equipment and tools for 3D fabrication and an extensive ‘Fabbit library’ where people can find a variety of books on technologies and design.

The energy in our workshop was palpable. It was a truly fitting way to end the Road Tour with a sense that entrepreneurship was not just alive but growing and thriving in Japan.

Mitch Anthony

Financial Advisor: Cashing In On Experience

How should we characterize the age we find ourselves in today? I submit the idea that we are now living in the “Experience Age” and that our economy is relying on experience and maturity now more than at any time in history. I’m not sure if the iconic symbol of this age should be gray hair or gray matter—as there is definitely a correlation between the two.

In the last generation, employment of workers 65 and beyond has increased well over 100%, while the overall population has increased 59%. The number of employed men over 65 has risen over 75%, while employment of women over 65 has risen almost 150%.  

Elizabeth Isele directs the efforts of the Global Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship, an organization dedicated to building an “Experienced Economy” and changing the negative paradigm of aging. The institute is helping corporations and governments around the globe understand the potential of the largest talent pool in the history of the world. Their work is helping to unleash the social, economic and environmental power of experienced individuals seeking to “cash in” on their lifetime amassing of know-how, know-who and wisdom.  

Razões para empreender após a aposentadoria

A americana Elizabeth Isele, uma das maiores especialistas do mundo em empreendedorismo após os 50 anos de idade, dá recomendações para você perder o medo do desconhecido

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