About Us


To empower cross-generational experience through entrepreneurial thinking and acting to drive successful innovation within corporations, governments, education, and research to boost social and economic prosperity worldwide.


We have launched The Global Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship in response to  the unprecedented success of our two original organizations, SeniorEntrepreneurshipWorks, eProvStudio and our blog, SavvySeniorsWork. Each has played a key role in advancing our mission to build an "Experienced Economy" and change the negative paradigm of aging. Today, our "Experienced Economy" has become a global movement and we are aligning our expanding education, advocacy, capitalization and research initiatives under the umbrella of our new institute to host and accelerate additional global collaboration.

Prior to our work, people rarely, if ever, thought of "Aging" as a time of "Opportunity" but, with the advent of 20-30 additional years of life, we are helping governments and corporations around the world understand that we have the largest talent pool of experience in human history. We are unleashing the social, economic and environmental power of this huge and rapidly growing demographic and catalyzing that wealth of experience, wisdom and resources across generations to ignite our new global "Experienced Economy" and boost prosperity for all ages.

  • We build innovative coalitions of individuals, organizations, corporations and governments from all corners of the globe. Working across sectors (education, finance, public policy and research), we are creating systems to boost economic self-reliance, vitality and growth.
  • We work with organizations large and small to help them create programs to build recruitment, retention, and sustained engagement of multi-generational workforces to increase productivity.
  • We design new quantitative and qualitative research to collect, aggregate, analyze and communicate the social and economic impact of an "Experienced Economy."
  • We are spearheading a global movement - from the hallowed halls of the US Congress, to the golden spires of Oxford, to the minarets of Istanbul, and the outback of Australia - convening thought leader summits and creating data-driven blueprints for action and new public policy to support and sustain the "Experienced Economy" worldwide.


For more information about GIEE, please contact: elizabeth@experieneurship.com


Empowering Cross-generational Experience